Our Vehicles

We always have Toyota in stock including but not limited to Hiace, Revo, Fortuner, Vios, Land Rover, and Jaguar. However, iMiracle are able to source any vehicle type for long-term lease. Please contact us for information and pricing.

Vios or Compact

The name "Vios" is derived from Latin and means "to move forward". A 4-door, sporty compact, that is comfortable & spacious and a joy to drive around.

Fortuner or Premium SUV

Taken from the English word meaning "Fortune", the Fortuna is based on the Hilux and is a family sized SUV. It is rugged, tough and very capable. Good for getting off the beaten path.

Toyota Revo

A tough, durable and very capable vehicle. The Toyota Revo will have no problems tackling the toughest hills in SE Asia. Plenty of power, space and comfort.

Hiace or Minibus

What better way to travel around with family and friends than a Hiace or Minibus. Perfect for bigger groups and great for short or longer tours.

Land Rover or Luxury Cars

The Premium Cars is now available to Vientiane residents, who can book the luxury Land Rover & Premium Sedan.

Vehicle with Driver

Choose a vehicle and we will provide a professional, experienced driver to take the load. Why stress over driving when you could sit back and take in the beautiful scenery? Cruise past stunning mountains, plateus and villages & through vibrant cities while taking it easy.

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